Thankyou Payroll + CarbonTrail

Stories of Impact
March 28, 2023

Story shared by Caro Timms, Climate & Sustainability Lead at Thankyou Payroll.

The team at Thankyou Payroll are carbon positive! Providing payroll software and services for over 7,000 companies, they are a fantastic example of what can be achieved with early commitment and determination. Now on CarbonTrail the team are taking it up a notch by moving to real-time impact management.

CarbonTrail exists to preserve our planet by helping businesses meaningfully reduce their impact. If you're just getting started on the journey, or like Thankyou Payroll you're building on years of hard graft, we're here to make your next step possible. You can get started today or schedule a virtual tour from our team.

Well done to Caro and the team at Thankyou Payroll for your planet-saving efforts!

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