We want to prevent the worst consequences of climate breakdown by avoiding 1 billion tonnes of emissions by 2050.

We will avoid these emissions by using technology to help businesses become the best versions of themselves, reducing their impact and helping them become more competitive in an evolving economy.

We’re a Christchurch, New Zealand, based business, founded in April 2022. CarbonTrail is a multidisciplinary team who believe in the power of technology in the fight against climate breakdown.

Our Core Values

Optimistic Realists

We approach challenges with a balance of optimism and realism, recognising the urgency of the issues while maintaining faith in our ability to make meaningful change.

Do It Better

We strive to innovate and improve our solutions and practices, driven by the belief that there's always a better way. We do so with integrity and respect.

Listen & Lead

We actively listen to our customers needs, provide them with valuable insights, and empower them with the tools and knowledge to succeed sustainably.

Get sh*t done

We embrace the dynamic and ever-changing path to sustainability with resilience, adaptability, and a readiness to tackle challenges head-on.

Our Leadership Team:

Tom Hallam

Tom Hallam


I created CarbonTrail to meet our planet's challenges head on and help Aotearoa lead the way in climate response.
Tim Trewinnard

Tim Trewinnard

Head of Commercial

Tim has managed and owned a range of technology businesses and start-ups. He is a keen advocate for leaving the planet in a better state for his children.
Lauren Dowding

Lauren Dowding

Head of Growth

Lauren has helped shape the strategy and customer experience of organisations globally. She's trying to practice what she preaches, working with purpose-driven organisations with a positive impact.
Ben Reid

Ben Reid

Advisory Board Member

Independent strategy and foresight advisor based in Aotearoa New Zealand and working with leadership teams around the Pacific time zone. Focus areas include emerging tech, technology governance, innovation strategy and applied foresight. Ben writes the weekly Memia newsletter covering the latest emerging tech trends and accelerating global change.
Ben O'Grady

Ben O'Grady

Advisory Board Member / vCFO

Ben uses insights to motivate people to make a difference and has a track record of business transformation and growth. He is passionate about the potential for CarbonTrail to initiate behavioural changes by providing efficient and reliable insights into an entity's carbon footprint.

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