Emissions Metrics Measurement

Emissions Metrics Measurement

Quick, simple, and accurate measurement of an organisation's activity.
Emissions Metrics Measurement

See this feature in action:

Quick, simple and accurate carbon measurements using the CarbonTrail Measure system.

Each supplier receives a unique invite to measure their footprint. If they haven't for the period you want to measure, they'll be guided through a simple wizard. We take them through the process of connecting to their electricity provider, fuel card provider, and identify other areas where we can gather high-quality emissions information, in areas such as waste, air travel and more.

Your suppliers will then confirm our measurements, and once our automated systems have checked the results, they'll be available in the Disclose portal for you to view.

This process is entirely free for your suppliers, and what's more, they get a simple dashboard to track their impact and share with other links in their supply chain. Your suppliers only need to measure once using the CarbonTrail Measure Tool.

Simplify your climate disclosure process.

Join other delighted sustainability teams.

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