Supply Chain Engagement

Supply Chain Engagement

Provide your list of supliers, we'll do the rest.
Supply Chain Engagement

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The CarbonTrail Disclose system makes it easy for you to understand your scope 3 emissions in a whole new level of accuracy:

Automatically Collect Emissions Data

Stop dealing with spreadsheets and chasing your suppliers. Simply upload your list of suppliers and our automated system will help them get accruate emissions data into CarbonTrail, and to share that securely with you. We manage the engagement with your suppliers and customers, even chasing them if they haven't replied.

Quick and easy for your suppliers to share their data

Our CarbonTrail Measure product is built on our expertise working with SMEs. We have streamlined the data collection process, allowing suppliers to connect directly to data sources like their electricity meter, fuel card, and even scanning invoices to gather as much high-quality data as we can about their activity.

Once they have measured, they can share the same measurement with multiple interested parties, reducing administrative overhead.

Assurance and evidence gathering is built in

We provide full lineage of data from our integrations, providing high-quality evidence in the event of an audit. Once your measurement process is complete, all data is destroyed for full peace-of-mind.

Aligned to global standards

The Disclose product allows you to complete disclosures based on the GHG Protocol, such as ISSB, PCAF, TCFD and more. Data collection is also aligned to global standards such as ISO 14064-1 (GHG Inventory Standard).

Integrates into existing management systems

We know you already have carbon accounting processes in your organisation. CarbonTrail compliments those systems, completing your inventory with high-quality scope 3 data.

Access our growing network of suppliers

Your suppliers might already be in our supplier network, meaning that emissions data will be made available automatically, with their permission of course.

Simplify your climate disclosure process.

Join other delighted sustainability teams.

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