This page certifies that

Demo Company

in the Advertising Services industry, is an active member of the Impact Aware Program, and has committed to measuring, reducing, and being transparent about its emissions.

What is the CarbonTrail Impact Aware Program?

Impact Aware helps organisations prove their commitment to understanding and reducing their impact on the environment. By measuring their emissions data automatically with CarbonTrail, organisations like CarbonTrail Limited can easily share their impact with their customers, stakeholders and supply chain.

Does this mean that this company is net zero?

No, this program is voluntary, and not yet aligned to the requirements to make such a claim. However, this does mean that this company is taking steps to understand and reduce its emissions, which is a great start!

Can I request an ISO14064 or GHG Protocol inventory from this company?

Yes! Just contact us and we'll put you in contact with the company. They can provide you with the information you need.

How do I get a page like this?

Try CarbonTrail, an AI-powered platform that automatically measures your emissions and helps you reduce them.

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