For Small and Medium Businesses

Low-effort carbon accounting.

Get a real-time view of your carbon footprint in minutes — and generate reports with a click.

Great companies use CarbonTrail to manage their sustainability journey:

Main Features

Understand your carbon footprint quickly and easily.

Simple, web-based software, built on best practice.

Find your footprint, fast — without breaking the bank.

Cost shouldn't be a barrier to understanding your impact. With CarbonTrail, get your real-time emissions estimate in minutes — at a sensible price.

Accurate, auditable data from across your supply chain.

Your customers will increasingly expect to see your emissions data — including tricky Scope 3 emissions.

That’s where CarbonTrail shines. We provide world-leading accuracy across all your emissions. And we make it easy to share your progress.

Get greater accuracy with hybrid spend and activity data

CarbonTrail's AI automatically considers over 200 emissions factors, including difficult-to-measure value chain emissions.

You can also add activity data, such as flights, fuel, or electricity usage, to get a best-in-class view of your client’s emissions.

With you every step of the way

Other solutions require a whole lot of upfront knowledge, or need your accountant to get involved.

Not CarbonTrail. Our tool has been designed for those with very limited knowledge of this space.

Our friendly team will help you get started, connect up your emissions sources, and generate your first carbon footprint.

See how easy it is to tame your emissions with CarbonTrail.

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