Supply chain
emissions capture.
No headaches.

CarbonTrail is a full suite of tools to help you and your supply chain measure, disclose, and reduce emissions.

Automatic supplier measurement

Easy for you and your suppliers.  Quickly measure and feed directly into your management tools.

Invite your suppliers and let CarbonTrail seamlessly link to their data sources for precise emission tracking, covering Scope 1, 2, and a smart Scope 3 estimate. It's that simple.

It's as easy as (scope) 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Invite

CarbonTrail invites organisations from your supply chain to sign up for free. Simple onboarding guides them through a quick data collection process.

Those who want to go deeper get tools to track and report on their own emissions in real time.

Step 2: Calculate

In as little as 15mins, suppliers can calculate their emissions data for you.

To make it easy, we encourage them to use our automatic data capture tools. This makes it lightning fast to share electricity and fuel usage, invoices, existing carbon inventories and more.

Step 3: Disclose & Reduce

With supplier permission, CarbonTrail’s API makes the data available to your existing carbon accounting tools, completing your annual carbon inventory.

With emissions disclosure taken care of, you can use this data to compare high and low emitters across your supply chain, informing your reduction initiatives.

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Managed supply chain engagement

Engaging thousands of suppliers with emails and spreadsheets is a recipe for disaster.  Leave it to CarbonTrail to manage the supplier engagement process from end-to-end.
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A quick one and done for suppliers

CarbonTrail is specifically designed and built for SMEs to measure their emissions. We automate data capture to produce audit ready, activity-based, emissions data in a fraction of the time.  

Suppliers simply connect to electricity providers, fuel cards, waste providers.

Once calculated, it's only one click to share their data with any other customer who needs to disclose.
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Scope 2
Scope 3

Know what makes your top suppliers tick

Know you're future proof with a full supply chain view of the emissions that your organisation is responsible for.

Use your own data management tools, or CarbonTrail's portal to compare different locations, categories and custom cohorts to find reduction opportunities and make procurement decisions.

CarbonTrail's insights also highlight where suppliers could reduce and learn from what's working across their industry.

Aligns with global standards

CarbonTrail's measurement and reporting technology aligns to both the GHG Protocol and ISO 14064-1:2018, and supports standards such as TCFD, PCAF and ISSB.
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Simplify your climate disclosure process.

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