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Accurate Scope 3 emissions – no headaches.

CarbonTrail simplifies Scope 3 data capture for you and your value chain. You invite suppliers to share their data, and in minutes we automatically calculate their emissions based on actual activity.
CarbonTrail Disclose

Great companies use CarbonTrail to manage their sustainability journey:

It's easy as (scope) 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Invite

CarbonTrail invites organisations from your supply chain to sign up for free. Simple onboarding guides them through a quick data collection process.

Those who want to go deeper get tools to track and report on their own emissions in real time.

Step 2: Calculate

Suppliers calculate their emissions in minutes by connecting CarbonTrail to auditable data sources such as electricity providers, fuel cards, invoices, existing carbon inventories and more.

Our AI automatically processes the results into scope 1, 2 and 3. We support those with gaps or who prefer to share manually, with a simple survey.

Step 3: Disclose & Reduce

With supplier permission, CarbonTrail’s API makes the data available to your existing carbon accounting tools, completing your annual carbon inventory.

With emissions disclosure taken care of, you can use our data to compare high and low emitters across your supply chain, informing your reduction initiatives.
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Key Features

Automatic, high-quality, supply chain emissions capture.

Provide your supplier list, and sit back.

Simply provide your supplier list through the Disclose portal or our secure API, and we'll select the best way to aqcuire accurate information about each of them.
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Know what makes your top suppliers tick

Compare your suppliers across category, location, or any group you would like, and dive deeper into how they operate.
Contoso Plumbing Limited
Top performer in Plumbing Category
Scope 1 - Direct Emissions
0.25 tCO2e / $k
Scope 2 - Purchased Energy
0.0 tCO2e / $k
Scope 3 - Supply Chain
0.75 tCO2e / $k
FY 2024 Performance
1 tCO2e / $k

Works with your sustainability software.

We compliment the biggest names in sustainability reporting to deliver on your supply chain reporting and disclosure needs.
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